The Renegade Nation

Root Wisdom Health & Wellness is a Private Membership Association focused on offering Holistic Health Solutions for all manner of health goals. Nutrition, Herbal Medicine & Targeted Nutrient Supplementation, along with supportive Lifestyle Recommendations are all tools utilized to help you look and feel your best and reach your healing potential.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I support health conscious, independent minded people who are determined to end their suffering by helping uncover the root causes, so they can live each day with vibrant energy and purpose!


When I am health coaching clients, my main focus areas include:

*Helping you to identify the foods that are BEST FOR YOUR BODY so you can function optimally and with more energy!

* DIGGING DEEP to find the root causes of your suffering using in depth assessments, and provide the resources needed for you to restore balance and feel like YOU again.

*TEACHING you how to tune in to what your body needs so you are EMPOWERED to maintain the results you achieve, continue to make progress, and take your health and wellbeing into your own capable hands!

Call or email to set up a Free, 20 Minute Consultation to go over your health goals and determine if I can support you in looking and feeling your best!