The Renegade Nation
Remote, & In-office Consultations- As a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, and Herbalist, I focus exclusively on preventative medicine, and investigate the root causes that create body imbalances. With my extensive training and twenty plus years of experience in natural health, I am able to offer a variety of natural modalities which I use to evaluate the whole body, mind, and spirit. I am not a medical doctor, and do not diagnose disease. The therapies I utilize are 100% natural. I strongly believe that the body can heal itself when allowed to do so, particularly when combining the proper guidance with nutrition, and lifestyle modifications. My desire is to bring honor to God through offering healing from His creation to all people that are seeking a holistic lifestyle.
Every relationship with a new client begins with a comprehensive health assessment. This is the foundation that will drive your treatment plan. We will go through your medical history and have detailed conversations to understand your health goals. Each session includes functional testing to determine where your body needs the most support, then you will be given suggestions for lifestyle, nutrition, custom herbal & homeopathic bio-energetic remedies to restore wellness and prevent dis-ease.