The Renegade Nation
We service Salem, Keizer, Albany, Woodburn, Dallas, Silverton and Surrounding Areas and 100% customer satisfaction is our primary concern. When the estimator comes for your free estimate, you'll be informed upfront on the chances of removal for certain trouble areas carefully explaining why certain stains may have only a 50/50 chance or not come out at all. This expertise helps set us apart from other cleaners giving you peace of mind. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is so great that we are one of the few who come back out for what we call "redo's". This keeps our technicians on their toes because they'd rather not go back, doing it right the first time is the preference for all of us. However, if something gets missed or you're not quite happy with how that stain or spot came out, give us a call to inform us of any problem and we'll be certain to schedule a "redo" until you're completely satisfied. Please call Harold at 503-391-7406 to schedule your free estimate