The Renegade Nation
“This agent represents a major breakthrough in the treatment of Lyme disease, with outcomes quite beyond anything yet seen.” – Dr. Arthur Gertler, Massachusetts Our retail supplement, LymeplexPLUS®, is focused only on the treatment of Lyme disease. However, this "supplement" treats a broad range of diseases —beyond Lyme disease. Our Licensed Health Professionals (we have over eighty Licensed Health Professionals to date, that are signed up to use this supplement with their patients) obviously have the liberty of speaking about this advancement in medicine, behind closed doors in their offices, without fear of making claims in public.   Now, with joining The Renegade Nation, working with PMA's an even more exciting option for us all! Prior to discovering it's efficacy for the treatment of Lyme disease: this liquid supplement was the focus of intense research …and case studies were conducted by the Developer's lead research doctors for nearly a decade. The astounding results with autoimmune diseases, allergies, diabetes, neuropathy, migraine relief, infections (and more) was what made us all realize; that was a  SIGNIFICANT ADVANCEMENT IN NATURAL MEDICINE.  *Successful studies were also conducted by doctors in Mexico.  "Credible advancements and innovation go hand-in-hand."  Our oral and nasal spray supplements have proven to be a fast-acting, broad spectrum, all-natural antibiotics (anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial) that does NOT HARM the microbiome...but rather provides HEALING and restores balance in the microbiome. (Yes, we know, Big Pharma will not like us all!) ORB Services, LLC's lead research doctor, Dr. Arthur Gertler, was a career Gastroenterologist in Boston, Massachusetts. He moved into Integrative Medicine eighteen years ago, is now semi-retired; and has his part-time practice in D'Arcy Clinic in Natick Massachusetts. After he became an Integrative Medicine M.D., it wasn't long and he soon became one of the top Lyme Literate M.D.'s in that state. We will forever be grateful that he was willing to try our powerful supplement and produce undeniable results with his patients, of the efficacy that it has for the treatment of Lyme disease. Dr. Gertler is an unpaid spokesperson for LymeplexPLUS® and the LymeplexPRO (our Practitioner's brand name.) He is also available to speak to our Licensed Health Professionals, by appointment, to discuss the incredible results that he has had with this supplement line and answer your questions. The team at ORB Services, LLC understands the true power of collaboration. We've never wanted to be the type of company that is about being the "only" or "going it alone" philosophy.  We stand firm on our belief in Holistic Medicine. Nor did we set up our company as an investment-driven company. To the contrary, as we set up our L.L.C. to be primarily owned by Charitable Religious Trusts. We "walk our talk" and now are proud to announce that we are in a collaborative relationship with Bales Photonics, Inc. And, they have joined us to help those suffering with Lyme disease recover far more rapidly.  By joining together with our two major medical advancements; we plan to "be the change"  and emulate how modern holistic medicine was really meant to be! We are here to support the Alternative Medicine Community to the very best of our abilities. The Firefly Clinic Pro is the most powerful photo biomodulation machine available worldwide today. And, our goal is to partner with Bales Photonics in expediting healing MANY diseases by using our supplement in adjacent with this leading advancement in Bioenergy technology. Find their upcoming Business Profile here on The Renegade Nation soon and in the meantime, visit In addition to this collaborative endeavor with Bales Photonics Inc.; we are absolutely committed to partnering with Alternative Medicine Practitioners and the PMA movement to get these advancements safely out to the public at large.   Please visit our website to learn more … and sign up for your Wholesale Account. One last note: We will soon be launching the Lymeplex+PRO™ website that will be specifically focused on supporting our Licensed Health Professionals and their patients. In the meantime, we welcome your visit to where you can register for your account.