The Renegade Nation
As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Practitioner of Integrative Therapies at The Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing, I've witnessed firsthand how combining ancient techniques with modern technology can accelerate healing, AND spur the growth of a practice. I grew up working alongside my father, Maurice Bales, a designer and manufacturer of medical devices who was awarded 5 grants from NASA. In 1979, my Father invented the first digital Infrared camera. I still use this technology today to actually SEE the root causes of my patient's pain quickly rather than waiting for scans, MRIs, and studies. NASA encouraged my father to make his camera available commercially. He followed their advice, made many improvements, and experienced much success. In 1998 he developed the Photonic Stimulator, the first FDA-approved light therapy device in the US. In 2015 I excused him from retirement with the vision of taking his Light therapy devices to another level. We developed the Firefly Light Therapy™ line under Bales Photonics, Inc. The Firefly represents over 20 years of extensive device engineering R&D, and 700+ successful prior models sold to Integrative medical doctors. It's 15x more powerful than traditional LED technology (on par with Class 4 lasers) at half the cost. I'm passionate about the possibilities for healing with this therapy and what it can do for Functional and Integrative clinics. Treatments often take 10 minutes or less which allows busy practitioners to help more people in less time. We have so many amazing stories from patients about what this Light therapy can do ( My aim has always been to make this multi-spectral light therapy as powerful and affordable as possible for clinicians and to keep iterating on a home device that is smaller and even more affordable for patients. Sharing patient success stories and all I know about Integrative Medicine is also one of my passions (and I'm available for your webinars or podcasts!) I've made multiple appearances in Ty Bolinger’s The Truth about Cancer, Lee Benton’s Victory Road, and more recently Nathan Crane’s Global Cancer Summit. You can also find me on the Center for New Medicine’s Facebook live health discussions, and the Cancer Center’s weekly Cancer Class. Learn more about my work at