The Renegade Nation
The Brannick Clinic of Natural Medicine has several natural doctors with unique specialties. We are a natural primary care facility with 3 locations in Chicagoland: Chicago, Lagrange Park, and St Charles. We see and treat newborn to elderly—men, women, and children. We perform PAPs, gynecological exams, treat HPV, and cervical dysplasia with escharotic treatments. See our website for details. Because we treat the cause of problems, we take a thorough intake and physical exam on the first visit which lasts 90-minutes. We discuss your health concerns, perform a physical exam, and require labs. This allows us to look at the whole person. We are a complete one-stop place for natural medicine. We have research supplements to provide the best for you. Restoring health is our focus. We provide initial recommendations at the first visit including diet suggestions. We follow up to change the plan as things improve or new symptoms appears. We are in network with BCBS PPO.