The Renegade Nation

Gemmotherapy is a super power of the plant kingdom.

Gemma comes from the Latin word bud. It’s the super bright, super light, expansive vitality exploding from the new growth of the plant. The buds powerful effects comes from the growth hormones of the germinating plant parts. AuxinsGibberellinsCytokinins, and Abscissin are just a few.

They are also known as ‘drainers’, as they drain toxins from the cells and emunctory organs. Once the plant bud, rootlet or young shoot matures and begins producing chlorophyll, many of these healing constituents begin to subside. The plant bud extracts then carry this regeneration energy into our own cells, tissues and organs.

They contain the plant’s entire genetic blueprint and material. These embryonic tissues are rich in growth factors, plant hormones, enzymes, minerals, and phyto-nutrients.

“Humans can’t be isolated from nature, their surroundings, their environment, and it is within nature that the key to balance and recovery is universally included.” -Dr. Pol Henry