The Renegade Nation

Welcome to Football Entangled, The world's premier source for footballing truth in training, health, and performance. Where aspiring and pro footballers learn the Way of the Natural and become built like world class footballers.

Become a world class footballer by treating the root cause of talent. Overcome injury, performance plateaus, and aging through deep athletic transformation.

The Countless Benefits of Working With Nature

With our root cause-focused training, lifestyle, and nutritional strategies you can:

Fix/Prevent All Injuries

I wholeheartedly reject the bad luck paradigm of injuries and chronic pain in the *modern* football world.

Make Permanent Upgrades

Stop the hamster wheel of endless hard work and never seeing actual improvements to your game.

Play Forever

Break the aging myth, attain effortless athleticism (your birthright), and retire whenever you feel like it.

Our Mission

Yes those are bold claims, But when you reverse-engineer world class talent by treating the root cause of elite performance using Nature's blueprint, it becomes quite simple. Here's how we do it:

Become Self-Aware

If you do not understand where you exist accurately, how can you understand where you can go?

Question Our Assumptions

Elite Athletes are not manufactured in the gym nor are they magically gifted life. They are molded by Nature.

Unlearn to Relearn

When you study the greats with an entangled lens, it is possible to work backwards and devise a worthwhile path Learn more at