The Renegade Nation
Custom Creatures Pet Shop is an independently family owned and operated business. Everybody loves to get involved and work with all the pets. The circle of life is taught early around here with respect to all animals. Reptiles and amphibians are a huge part of our organization.  We support captive breeding with all species including snakes, monitors, tortoises, lizards, geckos,newts, axolotls, frogs, and more.  Conservation is key and our impact must be limited. Creepy Crawlies are quickly filling up space at Custom Creatures.  We keep an extra large collection of tarantulas, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes and others to check out.  Bugs make great pets, are inexpensive to care for, and only require small enclosures. Supplies and feeders are always available on location.  We carry the full line of nutritious snacks for your pets with crickets, roaches, worms, mice and rats. Live and frozen feeders are in stock.  We also carry guinea pigs and rabbits for your larger appetites. Come find your new best friend today. Custom Creatures Pet Shop All for Pets Pets for All