The Renegade Nation
Take Action America   Mission Statement Take Action America provides the information to educate the public about the stripping away of basic human rights, which are guaranteed in our Constitution. We pledge to educate how our citizens can stand up and take action against an emerging threat of tyranny happening across the globe. Our combined pillars of Communications, Legal, and Support will give US citizens education to act through the fourth pillar of Empowerment.   How We Will Do It We will dissolve the polarization between the right and left ideologies. We have partnered internationally with ‘Take Action’ franchises so that #WeMoveAsOne globally. Take Action America is comprised of a vast network of national, state, and local organizations purposed to defend our freedom of speech, press, travel, and bodily autonomy against global overreach. We will provide you with educational resources, rallies, legal action groups, and church organizations in order to achieve our individual and collective liberties from governmental overreach.   Education We aspire to provide useful and accessible information regarding all things happening around us, using a variety of resources in order to educate on issues relating to health, human rights, and freedoms.   Action We support the many activists working to end lockdowns, forced masking, censorship and health intimidation by aggregating all petitions, notices, fundraising activities, and events.   It’s time to make your voice heard. It’s time to Take Action, America!