The Renegade Nation
Largest stash of American-made architectural Treasures, vintage lumber, beams, windows, doors, floors, trim by the mile, hand-blown glass in sashes, jambs, and all one needs to create an intentional community without imports, toxins, and respecting the resources and work of our ancestors. Teaching skills to build from the trash in energy-efficient off-grid ways will make it possible to thrive while others wonder how to stay alive.  JOIN me in helping create a PMA for Salvation through Salvage, a theme and ethos of Tiny Texas Houses, Pure Salvage Living, and Salvage, Texas, the example of how it can happen, what some would call the Proof of Concept for others to come to see and then replicate if desired with the largest stash of parts in America, with seminars, Pure Salvage Outposts as Coops for other places and microloans to get people started in the form of parts to build. Our Salvage, Tx. BnB is a way for others to come and test drive tiny in many sizes as well as get the advantage of tax write-offs.  Wonder if you could get away and create master suites with a bigger kitchen and common areas for gatherings that don't need to happen in your bedroom or sitting area?  Indeed, you can change your lifestyle to healthy, lower stress, and better food through your imagination and human action.  Want to learn more... follow the blogs, the su Join me on a path to independence, freedom, intentional food jungles you can thrive in and protect when the SHTF. and please subscribe to support us at for the largest library on Salvage Mining and Salvage Building on the net. Brad W. Kittel