The Renegade Nation
Divine Living is an Organic Kombucha Tea Manufacturer.  It also manufactures Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, hot sauce, dilly beans, etc. Over time it has evolved offering many different services for the community.  We opened a small retail store for people to get local and organic products such as the basics flour, honey, eggs, beans, oats, nuts, oils, just to name a few... as well as our divine living products like nano silver, body lotions, essential oils, organic room sprays, and much more.  We also offer products like locally produced EMF jewelry and greeting cards.  We have expanded to consulting with individuals about their health, offering services such as blood microscopy(dark field), thermography, muscle testing supplements, and overall preventative care and well being. We provide educational classes on taking care of yourself (overall health care, what is in our foods and water, how to be responsible for you, and being prepared); this has expanded into providing classes to educate individuals on cryptocurrency and how the digital dollar will affect you - how to purchase Bitcoin and how to use crypto in todays economy. As you can see we started out making kombucha... and it did not stop there. Our published hours are Fridays, but we see people everyday. If you are ever in the area, give us a call, stop in and visit a while, we would love to meet you.