The Renegade Nation
I know that everyone has the ability to align with their highest purpose and experience the freedom and love that they truly are. Sometimes we can get lost after a traumatic event and even though we want to move forward, we can get stuck in anxiety, depression, addictive or repetitive behaviors, and emotional confusion. I help you restore your highest potential by clearing past heartache and emotional blocks, reclaiming lost parts of yourself, and activating your safety, love, freedom, and trust so that you can naturally shift your consciousness to access your deepest truth, freedom, and power to live your highest purpose with a wise, courageous, and open heart.

For over twenty years, I have been working in the field of health and healing. Beginning in the dental field as a Licensed Dental Hygienist in both Washington and Hawaii, I soon found that my patients wanted to open up and share their stories with me. So much so that it was difficult to take x-rays or complete a dental cleaning! I had a natural gift of intuiting their emotional world and creating an environment of comfort and understanding. I found that this emotional aspect of relating to my patients was my favorite part of the profession and I wanted more of it! I went on to graduate with my Master's in Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy. Through my own process of spiritual awakening and the flow of highs and lows in my life, I knew there was more I needed to clear and heal for myself to fully step into my purpose of assisting others in their transformations. I have been a student of many healing and integrative practices that I now include in my practice.  I offer counseling and therapy services through my Private Membership Association, Embodied Love and Relating.

  • Masters in Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy 2007

  • Ordained Minister, Licensed to perform wedding and civil union ceremonies in Hawaii

  • Multiple advanced trainings in sexuality, spirit, trauma integration, and nervous system regulation.

I utilize an integrative approach with a combination of talk therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, somatic embodiment practices, breathwork, Internal Family Systems to support you in clearing past emotional trauma imprints, rewire nervous system and emotional patterns, and restore your innate innocence to walk in freedom, live from your heart, and align with your highest purpose to experience the freedom you deserve.

Programs are available for both individuals and couples, session pricing from $140-165. In person and online. Consultations can be booked through my website.