The Renegade Nation
We are a new form of healing center whose foundation begins with nature. We are the only Private Membership Association in the world who has researched the healing benefits of plant music and offer 100% whole plant musical supplements for the body, mind and spirit based on our research. Bot only do we offer plant music supplements, we also offer plant medicine, herbs, essential oils, flower essences, tinctures and diet and nutrition. We use Reiki, Sound Therapy, Energy Medicine, Crystal Therapy, Massage, Shamanic Practices, Shadow Work,  Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Coaching and BioGenesis Tools to augment the plant healing services and products we offer. In addition, we offer treatments with healing devices like the Rife Machine, BioMat, Bemer and Ionic Foot Baths. All of these services and tools combined allow us to treat the whole person rather than the system.   By honoring and valuing the plant kingdom and its benefits, community and our spiritual truths we are a living example that being healthy and abundant does not need to be hard or at the expense of others well-being. We love life. We love freedom. We love being sovereign. We love the planet and we love all people.   Faith in Nature Wellness Hub exists to be a catalyst for whole health through nature’s wisdom, our divine sovereignty and compassionate community collaboration. We use our non-negotiable policy of putting the healing plant kingdom, our sacred sovereignty as a people and the alignment of our vibrational rhythm before profits while being fiscally successful to be the change we need and wish to see in the world. We strive to create a network of products, services and a community of alternative healing arts practitioners in partnership with the plant kingdom and the Universal Law of Vibration that benefits the body, mind and spirit while making it easy and accessible to every one of our members. We work to educate our members through our research, courses and workshops while building a bridge that deepens our connection to mother earth, ourselves and each other. Collectively we create a wave of love, compassion, acceptance, healing and fortitude that spreads through every plant, animal and human across the universe.